Ecommerce holiday prep: Expert panel on the right financial KPIs for success

For many ecommerce businesses, the holiday season is a pivotal time. While marketing and operational KPIs offer valuable insights, they only tell part of the story. The true measure of success lies in understanding the financial metrics that drive your business. Get an in-depth look at the financial KPIs that are essential for a comprehensive assessment of your holiday season performance.

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Register for the webinar

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What you’ll learn in this webinar

Core financial KPI icon

Core financial KPIs

Dive into the financial KPIs that underpin ecommerce growth and profitability

Expert KPI analysis icon

Expert KPI analysis

Get firsthand insights from panelists, showcasing financial KPIs in action through real-world examples

Strategizing with data icon

Strategizing with data

Learn to leverage KPIs into actionable growth plans, inventory purchasing decisions, and more

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Q&A with the experts

Your chance to ask any questions and get real-time answers from our expert accounting panel


Ecommerce Accounting Experts

Cyndi Thomason Headshow

Cyndi Thomason

Founder, Bookskeep

Saman Izadiyar headshot

Saman Izadiyar

Founder, Ottit

Wayne Richard headshot

Wayne Richard

Partner, Bean Ninjas


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