Increase Practice Profitability with the Essential Ecommerce Bookkeeping Checklist

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Find out how two of North America's leading bookkeeping practices increased profitability by 30% after implementing a standardized bookkeeping checklist for their ecommerce clients.

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Brittany Brown, CEO of Ledger Gurus 
Juliet Aurora, CEO of AIS Solutions – 2017 Intuit Firm of the Future

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What to expect in the webinar?

Whether you're just starting to support ecommerce clients or you've been at it for years, you know that their bookkeeping needs aren't like everyday small businesses. That's why leading practices choose to document and follow standardized processes. They help reduce errors, increase efficiency, and enable scalability.

In this webinar, we discussed:

  • How Ledger Gurus and AIS Solutions increased their profitability by implementing a standardized ecommerce bookkeeping checklist (the checklist is also available as a download!)

  • Implementing processes and checklists across your team can reduce errors, increase efficiency, and scalability.

  • Q&A session to answer your burning ecommerce bookkeeping checklist questions.

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Brittany Brown – CEO, Ledger Gurus

Brittany Brown

Ledger Gurus

Juliet Aurora, CEO AIS Solutions

Juliet Aurora


AIS Solutions

Geoffrey Gualano, Head of Marketing A2X

Geoffrey Gualano

Head of Marketing